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Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards and embrace the future with NFC-enabled digital business cards by Cavz Pvt Ltd. Share your information effortlessly with anyone, anywhere, anytime, with just a simple tap. Completely customizable to fit your style, these eco-friendly and affordable cards can be updated anytime, ensuring your details are always current. Make a lasting first impression and enjoy the fun and ease of smart networking with Cavz Pvt Ltd's innovative NFC business cards.

Design NFC Card

Design NFC business card with our intuitive design tool, or simply send us your details and let our experts craft a custom card using your logo and industry specifics. You'll receive a preview for your approval before we bring your unique design to life.

Your Online Profile

Stand out in the digital landscape with our cutting-edge NFC cards, seamlessly integrated with dynamic online profiles, all managed with ease through Cavz Pvt Ltd's user-friendly dashboard. Update your information anytime, anywhere, effortlessly.

Tap, Share & Save

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Metal NFC Card

Make connection with these high-quality NFC visiting card and create a statement that’s sure to impress!


PVC NFC cards by CAVZ Pvt.Ltd is the perfect solution for a cheaper but durable business visiting card.

How NFC Card Works?

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